La Vie Précieuse

Company Overview

Aomori Prefecture is home to the city of Hirosaki, which is proud to be Japan’s number one producer of apples. Our company aims to make the most of the abundant agricultural and marine products that are cultivated in this region in the production of our cosmetic goods. This concept was the primary inspiration for “La Vie Précieuse”.
In order to deliver products that are simultaneously highly functional whilst leaving our customers with peace of mind, we are extremely thorough in the production process. Not just our apples, but all of the raw ingredients that are used in our products are cultivated in-house at our domestically-owned farms. Our products were developed in co-operation with Hirosaki University’s research institute. Additionally, we have established our own beauty salon where we are able to use our lovingly crafted products while receiving feedback from our valued customers. As a result, we have been able to develop the La Vie Précieuse APG Line.
Through the launch of this brand, our goal is to brighten up the lives of as many women as we can reach. We aim to provide a working environment that supports people with disabilities, and helps them to be productive in society.
We will continue to produce quality cosmetics that address a variety of skin concerns.

Company Name LaViePre Co., Ltd.
Address 〒036-8561 Hirosaki University 3 Banchi, Hirosaki, Aomori-ken 036-8561, Japan Hirosaki University Collabo Hirodai
TEL 0120-282-844
Opening Hours/Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:00 (Closed over the New Year and on public holidays)
Representative: Kazuhide Miura